Woman Against Crime Class

Woman Against Crime (WAC)

The WAC was first established in 1997 and focused on teaching women threat awareness combined with basic self-defense techniques to respond to potential threats. St. Augustine Beach Chief Robert Hardwick was first involved as an Assistant Instructor with Instructor Carole Wilder while working for the St. Augustine Police Department. When Chief Hardwick became Chief of Police for St. Augustine Beach he pledged to resume this valuable training for the women in our area.



This free two day training will be offered quarterly throughout 2017. Each class has a maximum attendance of fifteen. Please call or email Officer Ed Martinez for additional details, dates and times of future classes. Thank you.


Class Coordinator:
Officer Ed Martinez
904-471-3600 office

Primary Instructors:
Volunteer Carole Wilder
Officer Erin Winters

Primary Instructors:
Admin Lt Harrell
CMDR Ashlock
Chief Hardwick

Assistant Instructors:
CPL Natalie Gillespie
Officer B. Garmen
Officer Jessie Lewis

Class Schedule – 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.











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