Beach Rules


Beach Rules & Safe Driving

SJC beach visitors are able to enjoy a wide range of activities. While at the beach please be considerate of the environment, the animals that live there and other beach goers. It will help ensure the beaches are a joy both now and for years to come.

Prohibited Items / Activities

No loud music. Music may not be heard more than 25 feet from its source.

Alcoholic beverages & glass containers prohibited.

Open fires prohibited.
Heated objects (coals, etc.) must be disposed of properly.

Fireworks prohibited.

Unleashed animals prohibited. Please clean up after your animals.
Owner must remove defecated material from beach.

No soliciting, canvassing or commercial activities.

Motorized boats may not launch from the Atlantic Ocean Beach.

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Rules that help Protect Natural Resources


Fill all holes left by sandcastle building, tire ruts, etc.

Do not leave anything on the beach overnight.
This includes tents, chairs, catamarans, trailers and personal items.

St Augustine Beach with American Flag

Use designated walkovers to cross dunes.

Do not remove beach sand or vegetation.
No activities are allowed within the Conservation Zone, which is designated by brown signs.

Harassing animals is strictly prohibited.

Reduce beach front lighting by turning off or shielding lights or drawing curtains.
Lanterns and flashlights are strictly prohibited during sea turtle season (May 1 – October 31).

Beach driving / parking hours are 8:00 am to 7:30 pm during sea turtle season (May 1 – October 31).

Safe Driving Practices on St. Johns County Beaches
Vehicle traffic must remain in the designated driving lanes as identified by cones
Parking is allowed on the west side of the driving lane between the cones and the conservation zone
Vehicles are allowed to drive 10 mph on the beach
Traffic is southbound only between A street Ramp and Crescent Beach Ramp
Two way Traffic is permitted between Crescent Beach and Fort Matanzas Ramp
All Vehicles are required to stop at all beach ramps and yield to all pedestrians
Soft Sand conditions may exist please read signs as they are updated with changing conditions
Beach Rules / Ordinances
To obtain a complete list of beach rules  please contact Beach Services at (904) 209-0331 or visit this page.

 St. Johns County Governments Beach Driving and Passes 

Current Beach Conditions
Call the automated information line which is updated as conditions change 209-0331, then press 1.