Parking in St. Augustine Beach




Ron Parker Park: Approximately 1 mile from Pier

Approx: 40 Parking Spaces

Bathrooms Available


Pope Road Lot (Pope Road / A1A Beach Blvd):

25 Parking Spaces Available

No Bathrooms


St. Johns County Pier Parking Lot:

Section 1: Volleyball Courts

Row 1: 34 Spaces

Row 2: 19 Marked Spaces

Section 2: Main Entrance

Row 3: 34 Spaces

Row 4: 24 Marked Spaces

Section 3: South of Main Entrance

Row 5: 24 Spaces

Row 6: 24 Spaces

Section 4: Southern Most One-Way Travel Lane (Closest to Fire Station)

Row 7: 9 Marked Spaces

Row 8: 16 Spaces

Section 5: Parallel to A1A Beach

Row 9: 7 Spaces

Bathrooms Available





16th Street & A1A Beach Blvd: Side of Street

West of A1A Beach Blvd: 24 Marked Spaces

East of A1A Beach Blvd: 15 Marked Spaces

No Bathrooms


10th Street Lot:

24 Marked Spaces

Bathrooms Available


9th Street Lot:

Unmarked Lot: Approx 20 spaces

No Bathrooms


A Street Lots:

Unmarked: Approx 21 spaces

Bathrooms Available